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dining guidelines + attire

Attire Standards

  • Guest attire can elevate or diminish the experience of others. We consider hats, tank tops, flip flops, and team athletic attire too casual for our restaurant. Our staff takes pride in their appearance, and we ask our guests to respect our attire guidelines.

Dining Guidelines

  • Our restaurant is not intended for large groups. The majority of our tables can accommodate only up to 4 people. We do not serve groups larger than 6 people.

  • if you have more than 6, Please make arrangements by calling (949) 822-8799

  • Our restaurant is generally not the best environment for young children.

  • We welcome families, but; we ask parents to keep children at the table and calm, vocal infants or youngsters outside of the dining room. We do not offer child seating, nor do we allow strollers in the dining room.

We appreciate your understanding.

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